Wednesday, August 1, 2012

neon - pastel rocker

here's an instagram photo

if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that it's been days since i kept on babbling about my DIY-ed pants HAHA! sorry.
so TADAAAAAAAAAAA! here they are! hahaha
proud creator :>
pics via ate's iphone 4

top from mom | DIY-ed ombre acid wash pants | neon yellow dog tag from divi | Shopaholic! jacket

Monday, July 30, 2012

platong di pangkain: kure color

it's been so long since i've updated the platong di pangkain portion of my blog!
so here's an update that's not really an update XD HAHA!
these here are my plates for Visual Techniques 4 for the whole of the fourth term of my first year in college.
medium used : kurecolor
what are kurecolors you ask? here are some pictures:

all these plate were done with all my efforts and hard work :)
hoping to do better! :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

unexpected combination

didn't expect the cardigan/blouse would look good with my studded top.
it just goes to show that black does go with anything :)

Day2Day top from Dubai | Crissa blouse used as a cardigan | Fubu jean | So Fab! boots | Swatch watch | Day2Day bangles | from divi Eiffel tower necklace

tribal - ry

Have I mentioned to you all my current addiction to Aztec and Tribal prints? :3
(if you follow me on twitter you'd know this HAHA)
Don't get me wrong, I still love bohemian. I just happen to love Aztec & Tribal prints too.

anyways, there's really nothing special during this day. just a normal fashionable day for me (choz!).

Chic a Booti Tribal top | edc by esprit sleeveless top inside | Levi's cargo pants | overused F21 booties | thrifted colorful beaded bracelet | Swatch watch | from divi bohemian necklace

where the moss is much greener

meet my new vest <3 haha
love that it has a Korean -ish feel to it!
photo credits to Precious Isaac.
photos taken from Intramuros walls, where the moss is much greener :)) hahaha

thrifted vest | sm dept store long sleeved top | Fishbone pants from Dubai | So Fab! boots | overused Day2Day bangles | orange Swatch watch

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

somewhere over the rainbow

rainbow top stolen from ate | Levi's cargo pants | F21 boots | from meghan clock necklace | Day2Day bangles | yellow Swatch watch

one day at photography class.
photog class = lotsa cameras = time for outfit shots

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

she BANGS!

so here's my new transformation :>

these are all webcam shots only and so I apologize for the bad quality.
muntikan ba ako maging vain? HAHAHAHA
didn't bother to upload all of 'em coz you might get sick of my face already.



Second year of college is about to start for me and I want to do some changes!
So, I wanted to start by having a new look.
During my weekend at Katipunan, where I really love watching TV there, I saw this picture of Leona Lewis on the show How Do I Look? and got inspired.

I've always wanted to have full bangs.
I had this "bagul" (scrub made from coconut) hairstyle which was really 'in' before and which mothers really loved on their children, girls or boys.

I also tried out having full bangs during the past few years

that's me at the right

epic fail full bangs attempt during my junior year in highschool
sorry for the epic fail pictures as well. I was goofin' around :))

anyways, I just recently had my hair trimmed and I also decided to have full bangs again.
I mean I wasn't sure it would look good, I just knew I wanted to do it and take the risk.
so here are some preview pics which I edited while waiting for Lie to Me videos to load hihi :))

vanity of my new hairstyle on my next post ;)