Tuesday, April 24, 2012

gold! gold kayo diyan!

A short trip to gold souk to buy, what else, but GOLD jewelry!
not for us though, but for my older sister's friend.

G - Mall Davao floral polo | Coco Cabanna leggings (borrowed from ate) | Forever 21 boots | overused yellow Swatch watch

sorry about the different image sizes. will fix that soon! tiis tiis muna :)

Al Rolla St. is where we lived

papa's flat :)
I never thought i'd say this but i kinda miss that old small room of his where all the five of us (big people HAHA) would try to make ourselves fit! HAHA sa uulitin ♥ 'twas a great summer

sorry copy paste lang from my fb.
sorry for the loooong update. BUSY PIG AKO. HAHA

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

feeling blue, but also feeling a bit green

Don't think of it the wrong way.
It just basically describes what I wore during a shopping escapade at the Dubai outlet shop ;)

| BLUE top (Robinson's dept store -- forgot the brand) | BLUE pants turned to shorts (? -- forgot again. bought it a long loooong time ago) | NEON GREEN sandals (Forever 21 -- borrowed from my younger sister) | overused yellow Swatch watch |

sorry, I only saw one full body picture of me, which I somehow like :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

si Korina nga pala ay isang BABOY

oh yes, I am a pig. PROUD AND GUILTY.
so here are some of my favorites.
take note, SOME :)

I'm totally in love with Cheetos Jalapeno!
I'm still in Dubai and for some reason I really didn't expect to find some of my fave Cheetos here.
So when I found some in a mini grocery I just needed to buy some and so I did! (even though they were quite expensive, who cares? my parents are going to pay for 'em anyways HAHA kid!)



I've been going gaga over these suckers!
yummy and good for you, perfect combo <3


si Camcam nga pala

Who's Camcam you ask?
She's my younger sister!
And here's a photo I edited and tweaked for her :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

si Korina nga pala ay nagSHOPPING

just wanna share some things that I have bagged during my current Dubai vacation!

and because I'm a SHOEpaholic...

Forever 21 booties

my new shining shimmering splendid flats (from NaIf)

sea green loafers I've been dying to have (from Day 2 Day)


and because I'm a bookworm...

from Carrefour City Centre branch

All other three books came from Virgin Megastore

me and my sister found these awesome bandages in Virgin too! so cool!

cute ribbon hair clips from Beauty Night


Monday, April 2, 2012

para... para... PARADISE

One of the places that we've been to during our current Dubai vacation which I truly loved is the Al Ain Paradise.

Flowers, flowers, and yup, lots and lots of flowers were there despite the intense heat.

It's actually awarded by Guinness as the largest display of hanging baskets.
cool huh? :)

i spy a heart ♥

sm dept store sunnies, top, bracelets & sandals | divi necklace | the landmark shorts | swatch watch
(feeling fashionista HAHA sensya na)

FYI this is the place where I shot the picture in my header teehee

gonna post snapshots soon!
til then xx

si Korina nga pala ay 18 na

Coleen Korina Querido Estoque was born.

Eighteen years later she's blogging again and this time she hopes to get serious with it.

Eighteen, in Dubai, and blogging again. yey!

Imma try my best to start showing the world what it's like to be Korina, what it's like to be me :)
You know, just in case I get amnesia.
At least I'll have something to look at to regain my memory back. HAHA