Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Second year of college is about to start for me and I want to do some changes!
So, I wanted to start by having a new look.
During my weekend at Katipunan, where I really love watching TV there, I saw this picture of Leona Lewis on the show How Do I Look? and got inspired.

I've always wanted to have full bangs.
I had this "bagul" (scrub made from coconut) hairstyle which was really 'in' before and which mothers really loved on their children, girls or boys.

I also tried out having full bangs during the past few years

that's me at the right

epic fail full bangs attempt during my junior year in highschool
sorry for the epic fail pictures as well. I was goofin' around :))

anyways, I just recently had my hair trimmed and I also decided to have full bangs again.
I mean I wasn't sure it would look good, I just knew I wanted to do it and take the risk.
so here are some preview pics which I edited while waiting for Lie to Me videos to load hihi :))

vanity of my new hairstyle on my next post ;)

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